Trust Fund No.: 0A2268
Ref. No.: (As per procurement plan): ID-PDPPI - MoF-247731-NC-RFQ

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has received financing from the World Bank toward the Indonesia Infrastructure Finance Development (IIFD), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for service provider. The Directorate of Government Support and Infrastructure Financing Management (DGSIFM) aims to focus its attention to actively promote and accelerate PPP transactions in 6 sectors (Urban Transport, Water, Waste Management, Health, Public Housing and Gas Distribution). To support this endeavour, the DGSIFM has developed a comprehensive and systematic sectoral manual for planning, preparing and bringing PPP projects through procurement of individual consultants for 6 sectors.

In the manual arrangement process for 6 sectors, the consultant delivered several outputs of the study, such as: Inception Report, Manual Phase I Report, Manual Phase II Report, Manual Phase III Report, Manual Final Report, and Information Packets Report. In the Information Packets Report, consultants are directed to be able to make material in the form of presentation slides and narrative drafts for making communicative videos. In order to continue making these videos with narrative that have been made by each individual consultant in 6 priority sectors, IIFD support is needed through the procurement of Digital Content Development for Supporting Project Preparation and Transactions, considering the objectives of IIFD and procurement of Digital Content are in line, namely to accelerate and encourage PPP development by providing government support, as well as providing information needed by all stakeholders.

The DGSIFM now invites eligible non consulting firms (“Service Provider”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested providers should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services as set out in the draft Statement of Works, which can be found at the following link:

The quotations should include the following documents, which will be used as the basis for evaluation: 1) information about the firms and 2) list of contracts with similar nature and scope including brief descriptions of the assignment, relevant portfolios, clients and contact persons or references, copy of the contracts, carried out in the last five (5) years and other relevant information to establish that you meet the qualification requirement for the assignment. Interested providers must provide sufficient information to prove that they are technically qualified and capable to perform the Services.

The provider will be selected in accordance with the selection based on the Shopping method set out in the Guidelines Procurement of Goods, Works and Non-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers dated January 2011, Revised July 2014 (“Guidelines”).

The attention of interested providers is drawn to paragraph 1.6 of the Guidelines setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.

Statement of quotation must be submitted in a written form by email to the email address: in order to be formally considered. The closing date to submit the quotation is on September 13th, 2021, at 08:00 Jakarta Local Time. Please indicate your application with an email subject line: Video Developer – Name of the Firm.

Further information can be obtained at the email address above during office hours (07.30 to 17.00 Jakarta Local Time).


Jakarta, September 3nd, 2021
Directorate of Government Support and Infrastructure Financing Management (DGSIFM) / PPP Unit of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia
Attn: Head of DGSIFM Procurement Team
Frans Seda Building 1st Floor
Dr. Wahidin Raya No. 1, Jakarta 10710

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Posted by Andi Abdurrochim on Sep 10,2021 11:11:38